GEEN-1200 Engineering Discovery 1
EECE Module Only
Fall 2017 (Nov.6-14)

The electrical engineering and computer engineering (EECE) module is a 1.5 weeks long lecture and laboratory project. It is taught by Profs. Susan Schneider and Cris Ababei. The module is offered as part of the Engineering Discovery 1 course, whose primary instructor if Prof. Hyunjae Park. Currently, the EECE module focuses on building a data acquisition (DAQ) system using a DHT22 humidity and temperature sensor and an Arduino Uno board. In the first version (lab #2), the system is wired; the Arduino board sends the data to the host PC via the Serial connection, as shown in the figure below. In the second version (lab #3), the system uses an HC-06 Bluetooth module to send the data wirelessly to the host PC.

schematic digram eece module