EECE-4920 Senior Design Project - Guest Lectures

This is a list of invited guest lectures I have made in the Senior Design Project course.

Lecture #1 (S16): Wireless Technologies: Wi-Fi
This is a presentation meant to be a brief introduction to Wi-Fi and the ESP-01 Wi-Fi module (uses the popular ESP8266 circuit). The lecture also includes a demonstration that uses an Android app to control via Wi-Fi an 8x8 LED matrix connected to an Arduino board. Here are all materials you need to replicate the demonstration. 
Lecture #2 (S17): Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs)
This is an introduction to FPGAs. The lecture also includes a demonstration that uses an FPGA board to implement an edge detection algorithm (Sobel operator).
Lecture #3 (S18): Wireless Technologies: BlueTooth
This is an introduction to BlueTooth and the HC-06 BlueTooth module. The objective of this example is to use the HC-06 Bluetooth module connected to the Arduino board to build a chat system between the laptop also connected to Arduino and an Android app. The communication between the laptop and the Android device is done via wireless Bluetooth of the Android device and the HC-06 module.