EECE-4740/5740 - Advanced VHDL and FPGA Design
Spring 2018

Course info
EECE-4740/5740 Advanced VHDL and FPGA Design, 3 credits
Prerequisites: Consent of instructor
Lecture: TueThu, 9:30-10:45am in Haggerty Hall, Room 388
Webpage: D2L site:

Cristinel Ababei,
Phone: 414-288-5720
Office: Haggerty Hall, Room 216
Office hours: TueThu 2:30-3:30pm or by appointment

For course description, objectives, policies, and a tentative outline please see the Syllabus.

Previous editions of this course
In each edition of this course we develop a different design. Here is a list of all designs implemented so far.

Spring 2017
FPGA Mandelbrot:
Generate Mandelbrot fractals on DE2-115 development board and display them on an VGA monitor.

Spring 2016
Three different projects implemented using the DE1-SoC board:
1) Voicilloscope: voice controlled oscilloscope (DE1-SoC board, bluetooth, Android app with voice recognition and display of signals); Photo1, Photo2
2) Harry Potter Weasley clock: if a Harry Potter fan, then you know what I mean! :-) (De1-SoC board, ESP01 with ESP8266 WiFi module, internet server, Android and iPhone apps for location capture and recording to server); Photo1, Photo2
3) Snoopy, server monitoring with FPGAs: internet traffic monitor; (HPS+FPGA system on DE1-SoC, Linux, Ethernet, security, VGA monitor); Photo1

In addition, the digital camera project from last year, 2015, was used to develop a senior design project (SDP), which implemented the Viola Jones face detection algorithm entirely on the DE2-115 board. Details and a video demonstration of it can be found on the Hardware webpage:

Spring 2015
Digital camera implemented on DE2-115; used OV7670 CMOS sensor; SDRAM memory storage; grey filter; edge detection;

Here is an additional video that showcases the edge detection in video mode:

Spring 2014
Basic Network-on-Chip (NoC) prototyping on FPGAs; implemented on DE2-115 and ZedBoard.